Be the Voice for Little Children: Word Cloud Project

To doctors and nurses a little child with urinary tract infection or kidney infection often has only one symptom...fever.

It's not always easy to tell how bad they feel, and they can't tell us. We are working with students on a project to help describe how the little ones are probably feeling.

Adults and older children who have had a serious urinary tract infection or kidney infection (also called acute pyelonephritis) are asked to express how they felt at the time. Just go to our Facebook page and add some words or short phrases.  While you are there, you can "like" the page to follow us and learn when the results are posted.

We are going to use these words to build a word cloud to share with doctors, nurses, students, and parents.

Please visit our Facebook page to add your words.

Want anonymity? You can message them privately there or send us your words via our contact form here.

Thank you for lending your voice!